Manufacturers face complex challenges when choosing the right packaging for their product. That’s why Polysack films are so attractive: catering to varied industries, Polysack Flexible Packaging offers a broad line of solutions, such as for beverages, food, confectionery, agriculture and more, each tailored to unique customer requirements.

Achieve 100% pouch recyclability with a family of mono-oriented polyethylene films for the production of bags, pouches and sachets, enabling significant down-gauging and improved properties.

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Consumer goods
One polymer, unlimited possibilities

Specialized, strong films used for manufacturing agro-textiles. These films are resistant to harsh climate conditions and agro-chemicals

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Agro-films that stimulate high-yield crops

Wrap around shrink labels for bottles and containers, used mainly in the soft drink and energy drink markets

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High-shrink sustainable labels

Innovative twist film for wrapping candies and chocolates – an aesthetically pleasing solution that increases yield, and preserves product freshness and texture

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A better twist for candy wrapping