About-SustainabilityPolysack‘s commitment to protecting the environment is reflected in the company’s consistent record of manufacturing eco-friendly products. Containing non-halogen materials that are easily recyclable, Polysack‘s Polyphane™ FIT STS, a remarkably light film, is the only sustainable high-volume production solution worldwide for high shrink-labels. By down-gauging, Polysack‘s thin films maintain the same properties as thicker ones, but require less material per length of film, thus reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing and transporting. Polyphane Twist – Polysack’s candy wrapping film – reduces tree timbering by using non-wood-based materials.

Working closely with customers and recycling agencies to deliver eco-friendly solutions, Polysack is the only commercial MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) high-shrink film provider that has passed the recyclability test of the American Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR).