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Question 1: The knives don't cut.


  • Calibrate the knife settings.
  • Check knife sharpness.
  • Blunt knives should be sharpened or replaced.

Question 2: The candy drops from the grippers.


  • Ensure that the gripper pressure is correct.
  • Replace worn out grippers.
  • Check the cleanliness of the grippers.

Question 3: The candy wrap is too loose.

Solution: Adjust the proximity of the grippers to the candy.

Question 4: The film doesn't flow properly


  • Check that the trajectory reels are turning smoothly and freely.
  • Check that the unwind reels are turning smoothly and freely.
  • Check that the guides are set to the film width.
  • Check the cleanliness of all areas that are in contact with the film.

Question 5: There are static electricity problems.


  • Check that the machine is grounded properly.
  • If necessary an anti-static bar should be installed before the cutting zone.
  • For white and clear Polyphane only, apply anti-static lacquer during the printing process.
  • If possible increase room humidity.


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