Mono Material Packaging One polymer, unlimited possibilities

Mono-Oriented Polyethylene (MOPE) is the next era of Flexible Packaging and a true enabler for a circular economy.


Our Innovative MOPE films enable 100% pouch recyclability, all containing the same type of polymer and are used for producing flexible packaging that support the circular economy promise.


Mono Material Structure


Our mono-oriented films are used by converters for producing single-layered or multi-layered laminates for bags, pouches and sachets for packaging ready meals, snacks, baby foods, frozen foods, cereals or pet food.

Polysack’s expert engineers advise on how to mix and match the required combination of film properties in order to assemble the right pouch composition that best suits each food product.


Today’s conventional pouches are non-recyclable
More and more regulators, retailers and consumers are demanding packaging that is both sustainable and also ensures optimal product preservation.
Accordingly, converters, in order to solve these seemingly conflicting requirements, are forced to use laminates composed of several different polymer types. These pouches, however, due to their heterogeneous composition, are impossible to recycle.

Multi-functional films from the same polymer family
The films in this family are all produced from the same polymer, so the entire food pouch can be recycled as is. In addition, due to their remarkably high versatility, these films can be tailor-made to any application and to any combination of properties.
Polysack offers improved film attributes and the same product-to-package ratios, without compromising quality or increasing costs, while also enabling manufacturers and converters to achieve significant sustainability through packages that are 100% recyclable.

Design For Recycling with our MOPE Films:

  • 100% recyclability of the whole pouch
  • Cost effectiveness: Ensures high production-line efficiency and same manufacturing costs per square ft/meter as non-recyclable films.
  • High-performance barrier materials preserve flavor and protect contents from moisture, pests, oxygen and light.
  • High printability and great machinability, running smoothly at high speeds through any printing machine.
  • Attractive shelf appearance: High stiffness, good transparency, and available in matt, clear, paper, or silk finishes.


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