High-shrink sustainable labels High-shrink sustainable labels

Polysack specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge film used for producing wrap-around shrink labels for bottles and containers, mainly in the soft drink and energy drink markets. Our premium product, Polyphane™ Fit STS, is a high-shrink polyolefin-based film with outstanding shelf appeal that is both cost-effective and environmentally safe.

Traditional labeling methods for shaped containers

Each year 9 billion square feet of labels are manufactured worldwide, using a variety of labelling methods. Below are the traditional methods used for labelling shaped bottles and containers:

  1. Heat shrink-sleeve: The traditional and most common method used for several decades – though a complex and costly method – requires 5 separate stages: printing, slitting, seaming, inspecting and rolling.
  2. Stretch sleeve: One-piece closed-loop labels applied by widening and stretching each sleeve, placing and adhering it to the container; printing requires specialized knowledge.
  3. ROSO™ (Roll-on shrink-on) MD shrink, the original method for RFS (roll-fed sleeves), whereby labels are shrunk at a low ratio of 10%-12%.

Polyphane™ FIT STS: The ultimate shrink-wrap solution 

Maximizing the advantages of the other labeling methods, Polysack has enhanced them with a new technological breakthrough – Polyphane™ FIT STS, an RFS (roll-fed sleeve) MD shrink-film that is highly cost-efficient and provides the best performance levels for shaped containers.

Polyphane™ Fit STS shrinkable films are manufactured in rolls fed into an RFS labelling machine with a metal mandrel attached to it. Using MD (machine direction) technology, the film runs in the same direction as the movement of the containers on the belt, while the sleeves are produced simultaneously. The completed tube is placed over the head of the container and shrunk into place, attaining morer than 50% shrinkage.

Polyphane™ Fit STS has the high impact of the sleeve methods, while reducing the manufacturing and material costs of the ROSO™ method, enabling high-speed and high-volume production.

Benefits of Polyphane™ Fit STS

Polyphane™ Fit STS innovative film provides the highest performance levels for curved containers as compared to all other labelling methods on the market.

Its main benefits include:

  • Highly cost-effective due to more than 50% shrinkage, resulting in a high-yield manufacturing process of labels per kg/pound. An additional saving is reached using MDO technology, whereby the amount of raw, expensive materials required to enhance film characteristics is significantly reduced. Moreover, the need for seaming and inspection is eliminated – another major cost saving.
  • High-speed labelling output that is 30% faster than all other solutions, with the ability to label up to 50,000 bottles per hour.
  • Environmentally safe: Reducing waste, this non-halogen film is the only commercial high-shrink MD label that is easily removed from PET containers for recycling.
  • Superior-looking seams using laser, ultrasonic, UV glues and other heat-sealing technologies.
  • Increased transparency providing high product visibility.
  • High-gloss and high-shrink quality so that curved bottles and containers have a no-wrinkle look, and printed images appear undistorted.
  • Superior printing capabilities that can easily match all types of printers.

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