Agriculture Agro-films that stimulate high-yield crops

Polysack manufactures films for producing agro-textiles used for shading screens in greenhouses, net-houses and nurseries, as well as for playgrounds, swimming pools, gardens, balconies, portable shading solutions, and anti-frost radiation nets.

 Polysack’s films are manufactured by an innovative technology designed to produce highly sturdy screens that are resistant to harsh weather conditions as well as to agrochemicals, insects, birds and pests.

As a result of special additives in the manufacturing process, the film’s properties have been proven to have a positive effect on plants, providing optimal conditions for crops. This enables growers to control various growth parameters such as leaf size, branch length, plant height, rate of maturation and flowering.

Benefits of Polysack film used for Agro-textiles

The main benefits of Polysack’s film used for producing agro-textiles are:

  • Micro-climate control is achieved by evenly-shaded areas, moderating day/night and temperature changes, and diffusing strong winds.
  • Highly reflective fibers which utilize solar radiation and diffuse light transmission, enhancing growth of crops.
  • Economically advantageous, increasing the commercial value of crops by enabling growers to control and stimulate specific physiological attributes such as leaf size, stem length and plant height, as well as rate of flowering and maturation, and fruit size.
  • Long-lasting durable screens that contain anti-oxidation and UV-resistant materials.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Using certain additives in the films repels insects by light refraction, reducing the intensive use of agro-chemicals; using metallized reflective fibers to weave thermal screens reduces heating and cooling costs by moderating greenhouse temperatures. The nets are recyclable.

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