Polysack recognized by APR for developing sustainable sleeve labels that facilitate PET bottle recycling

August 27, 2014

Polysack Flexible Packaging Ltd. received formal recognition in June 2014 from the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) in North America for developing Polyphane™ FIT film that meets APR’s stringent testing and guidance criteria for sleeve label ink and substrate for PET bottles. Polysack is a developer and manufacturer of innovative MDO-based packaging films for the beverage, food and confectionery industries.


APR announced Polysack’s full compliance with the guidelines of APR’s Critical and Applications Guidance Recognition Program, designed to help packaging developers conform to recycling rules. APR congratulated Polysack for its success in developing innovative packaging, and thanked Polysack for its cooperation in using APR’s protocol. APR expressed its belief that Polysack’s new technology will benefit worldwide recycling efforts by reducing the negative impact that sleeve labels have on PET recycling today.


Polyphane FIT is a high-shrink polyolefin-based film used for producing roll-fed wrap-around shrink labels for beverage bottles. The lightest-weight recyclable MD-film in the world, Polyphane™ FIT yields shrink ratios from 35% to 65%, generating close to 0% scrap, thereby reducing manufacturing and material costs by 30% compared to conventional sleeves.


During the labelling process the film runs on the conveyer belt in the same direction as the bottles, and the sleeves are produced simultaneously, increasing labelling speed, while eliminating several inspection steps and the need to produce actual sleeves.

Polyphane™ FIT labelling film contains a non-halogen material which, in a series of APR tests, enabled easy separation and floatation of labels during the recycling process with no ink dissolution. John Standish, APR’s technical director said that Polysack had taken “a huge step in helping generate more good clean material available for recycling“. The announcement follows Polysack’s longstanding commitment to the environment, working closely with customers and recycling agencies to consistently manufacture eco-friendly solutions.