Polysack at the 2nd Annual Beverage Packaging conference

October 28, 2013

Ronny Ben-Shoshan, Polyphane FIT’s product manager, will give a lecture on Roll-Fed Sleeves latest developments during the next Beverage Packaging conference , on 29th – 30th October 2013 at the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel and Conference Center in Brussels, Belgium.


This two-day event is focused on the most significant challenges faced by the beverage packaging industry, including achieving shelf impact, enhancing sustainability, promoting innovation in design and driving down cost in packaging.


This year conference will be focused entirely on the innovations, challenges, opportunities and dynamics of the beverage packaging market. The event will look closely at changes and achievements within the industry over the last year, and more practically about the opportunities for beverage companies moving forward.


In its lecture, Mr. Ben-Shoshan will explain why RFS technology is catching the attention of the market, why leading beverages companies are planning to adopt this technology during 2014, and how Polyphane Fit became the only available sustainable working solution in the market.