Innovation plays a central role at Polysack, as a core value and an integral part of the company’s vision. It is the driving force behind our organization and the key to our continued success over 35 years. Based on cutting-edge technology, expertise, and innovative thinking, Polysack remains at the forefront in the improvement and development of products at our R&D facility. Polysack collaborates with customers, universities and research institutes worldwide to develop cost-efficient, sustainable solutions for varied industries and new markets.

Beverage labelling

Packaging trends oblige bottle manufacturers to wrap their bottles with a sophisticated, contoured look that enhances image and attracts consumer attention. The challenge lies in choosing a technology that not only provides the best print results for brand-recognition, but also manufactures a cost-efficient wrap.

Polyphane™ Fit STS – Polysack’s innovative lightweight film, has revolutionized the labelling market, providing the best performance levels for labelling curved containers. By achieving a wrapping shrinkage ratio of more than 50%, Polyphane™ Fit STS has reduced manufacturing costs considerably for soft drink manufacturers and marketers worldwide.

Confectionery wrapping

Polyphane Twist is a proprietary polyethylene film specifically designed for wrapping candies, chocolates and other sweets. This innovative film has successfully met the requirements of today’s confectionery manufacturers as a solution that increases yield, is aesthetically pleasing, preserves product freshness and texture, and is environmentally friendly.